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Our Process

The safest way to remove roof moss without damage

Removing roof moss requires more effort and specialized techniques than you might imagine.. We will provide you with results that will last and add years to your roof.

We have adopted a specialized process for the unique roof moss growth here on Vancouver Island.

The Steps:

  • We remove the bulk majority of roof moss clumps with a soft bristle brush and specialized non-abrasive tools.

  • We blow off and clear the roof of loose materials

  • We provide a free roof inspection and report

  • We clean out the gutter system to ensure proper drainage

  • We treat your roof to kill all moss spores and any remaining moss


Improve the look of your home

Mossy roofs give your home an unkempt appearance and poorly affects curb appeal. Moss also makes it difficult to catch and see problems with the roofing. Roof inspectors cannot tell the condition of a roof if it is covered in moss, algae, pine needles, leaves, and other organic matter.

Protect your roof from water damage

Moss collects moisture and can also block the roof from properly shedding water. Moss buildup around your vents, skylights, siding, chimneys, is very dangerous and can create thousands of dollars in damage with roof leaks.

Annual Preventative Treatment

We recommend spraying the roof with our specialized chemical product to prevent the moss from growing and becoming an expensive problem.

Roof Demossing Warranty

We offer a 12 month warranty on our roof cleaning services, and recommend you follow up with the Annual Preventative Treatment to keep the roof clean long after the first initial cleaning visit.

​Extra Roof and Moss Services:

  • ​Roof Inspection

  • ​Re-sealing of any old or missing seals. These are typically found around vents, pipes, and old anchor placements.

We often pair our roof moss removal service with gutter cleaning in order to keep you roof and gutters operating together properly.

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